Midge Quandt



Writings on Nicaragua and Latin America


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Talks on Nicaragua and on Feminism in Nicaragua and Cuba


·               “Post-Election Nicaragua,” Princeton University, February 20, 1992

·               “U.S. Aid to Nicaragua,” Socialist Scholars’ Conference, New York, April 24-26, 1992

·               “Feminism in Cuba,” Princeton University Women’s Studies Colloquium, Sept.15, 1990

·               “Feminism in Nicaragua,” Princeton University Women’s Studies Colloquium, March 20, 1989


Professional Experience


·               PhD in History, Rutgers University

·               Editor, Trends in History, 1979-1986

·               Co-founder, Princeton Research Forum (an organization of independent research scholars), 1980


Teaching Positions


·               Visiting Lecturer, Rutgers University, 1970-71

·               Visiting Lecturer, Bryn Mawr College, 1972-73

·               Visiting Lecturer, Rutgers University, Spring, 1976

·               Visiting Lecturer, Princeton University, Spring, 1977

·               Visiting Lecturer with the rank of Associate Professor, Swarthmore College, Spring, 1978


Selected Bibliography in the Field of History


·               Sex, History and Culture: Trends in History: A Review of Current Periodical Literature in History, ed. by Margot Badran and Midge Quandt, 1990

·               “Religion and Social Thought: The Secularization of Postmillennialism,” American Quarterly, October, 1973

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·               From the Small Town to the Great Community: The Social Thought of Progressive Intellectuals, New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1970


Selected Political Work

·               Worked with the Rainbow Coalition, 1986-87

·               Have worked with the Nicaragua Network, a Project of the Alliance for Global Justice in Washington, DC, since 1991.

·               Member, Princeton/Granada Sister Cities Committee, 1989 to the present.

·               Member, Executive Committee of the Nicaragua Network.